Who would choose to start a new job in a global pandemic?

Me, that’s who! ??‍♀️. My name is Jo James and I am the new member of the H2 Team.


From the moment I was approached by Kerri-Ann and Katie I knew that joining H2 was an exciting prospect.  After multiple conversations I began to understand more about H2, my potential colleagues and how I would fit into the team.


My first trip to the office and the day I received the offer was a day full of excitement. I had my offer letter and contract in my inbox within minutes. This was closely followed by the creation of our H2 Girlies WhatsApp group full of excited emojis.  I already felt like part of the team.


However, the following day the anxiety kicked in…


  • Have I made the right decision?
  • What if we don’t get on in a small team?
  • What if I hate being back in an office environment?
  • What if I don’t live up to their expectations?


At this point Kerri-Ann, my Director unknowingly picked up the phone and we chatted about everything from handing in my notice to how I like my coffee.


Throughout my onboarding I was involved every step of the way from my branded mouse mat arriving in the office to weekly countdowns to my start date and our first Friday morning bacon butties together.


Since I’ve been in the office they have made me feel at home from day one and been supportive and patient throughout.


It’s nerve wracking starting a new job at anytime let alone in 2020 so please involve your candidates as much as you can along the onboarding process.


You can refer to the H2 blog for more information on onboarding your new starter. It’s incredibly important that your new member of the team gets off to the greatest start.