My years of recruitment experience paid off

At the beginning of 2020 little did I realise that the support I offer daily to jobseekers would be needed much closer to home.


As we all found ourselves faced with a national lockdown and new words such as social distancing and furlough came into our lives I found myself busier than ever with work.  Sadly my partner found himself actually on furlough. As his furlough continued throughout lockdown, summer and into the autumn months, the rumour mill started and sadly the redundancy consultation arrived.


Instead of this getting him down his words were ‘I feel relieved’. He was no longer hanging on updates week by week. He was free to venture out as a jobseeker and to carve a new and exciting path for his career. We hear these words everyday when we speak to jobseekers who have experienced similar. Furlough has created an unnecessary amount of stress despite relieving financial pressure.


My years of recruitment experience paid off and I was able to provide support daily on his job search from editing his CV, setting up his LinkedIn profile, to navigating the job boards for the first time and ultimately various calls and interviews.


After months on the job market his opportunity finally arrived and full of excitement he started his new role in early February.  The best bit being that after his months of job searching and ups and downs he scored himself a better opportunity than the role he was made redundant from and based in a secure key worked industry which was the cherry on the top.


When I chat with job seekers each day and I say that I understand what they’ve been going through this year, please know that I really do mean it.


I have seen the job market from every angle this past year both professionally and personally and want to share some advice for facing redundancy and your job search during this time. It can be a positive process.


☕️ Take a break – Relax and take time absorb the situation.


?Make a plan – What is your end goal? What will make you happy?


? Network. Network. Network – Make connections on LinkedIn, drop them a message and get your CV out to recruiters and businesses and let them know what you’re looking for and most importantly pick up the phone and introduce yourself.


? Be polite and grateful for every connection and every conversation or interview along the way.  Always thank people for their time.


? Ask for feedback always – Positive or negative this can only improve your approach moving forward.


??‍? Remember – Every application, every phone call, every skills test or unsuccessful interview is a learning curve and a step closer to the right opportunity.


? If you’re struggling pick up the phone and ask for advice – Whether that be an experienced recruiter or an old colleague that will remind you what your capable of and why it’s important you stay positive and not lose motivation.


? Most importantly Stay Positive – You’re allowed your down times and you’re allowed to be upset at times, but don’t let this take over.  Push through it and remember tomorrow is another closer to your new role.


If you would like to discuss your job search with one of the team at H2 get in touch with one of our consultants. We will endeavour to support you and guide you through the process.