Job searching tips during COVID-19

A huge part of the service we offer here at H2 is guiding our candidates through the job search process. Now more than ever we are focusing our efforts on ways to support those who are searching for jobs. Covid-19 presents some challenges, there are fewer jobs to apply for and very soon there will be more job seekers on the market. Firstly, you shouldn’t give up. To help you through these uncertain times, here are six top tips for job searching during the coronavirus outbreak.


  1. Keep applying for jobs – keep up the momentum.
  2. Take part in online training, webinars from those in your sector and listen to podcasts.
  3. Consider pivoting your job search if you are currently unemployed. If you are employed – remain focused on applying for roles where you can add value.
  4. Build your network on LinkedIn. Follow businesses. Connect to potential employers, colleagues, peers and friends. Use it to help you in your search. Clearly state on your profile that you are looking for a new position (under the ‘me’ section).
  5. Include a covering note with your CV/application. Check out the company, dig around and put together a brief paragraph covering why you are suitable for the role. This will help you stand out and show you’re a serious candidate for the role.
  6. If you are applying to a role advertised by a recruiter, contact them directly – build a relationship and follow up with your CV. But remember some recruiters are currently on furlough so if you are not receiving a response consider seeking out the Director of that business who is likely to still be recruiting.



If we can be assistant to you during this difficult time please contact me. Remember that Job hunting can be draining but please do not be discouraged. COVID-19 is temporary. Please get in touch if you need some support around the above. We will help where we can.