How to stand out amongst job applicants?

How to stand out amongst job applicants?

That is the question.

As the job market becomes more and more competitive, standing out as a job applicant is essential. Whether you are operating within a niche sector or have many competitors I would urge you to take charge of your job search, approach it with a positive and professional attitude. And remember that unless you put your best foot forward there will always be other strong candidates doing just that. Be ready to fight (not literally).

When it comes to supporting our candidates through the recruitment process often we find the question we answer the most is ‘How do I stand out?’. In all honesty it starts with the first impression you make and often that is the presentation of your CV. Something we see so many candidates overlooking.

My advice – Don’t fall at the first hurdle by presenting a CV that lacks detail, depth and personality. A CV that has spelling and grammatical errors or one that isn’t up to date. Keep reading for the rest…


Here are our top tips


1. Confidence. Believe in your skills, qualifications and experience.

2. A well-presented LinkedIn Profile – often your social channels are explored as part of the recruitment process for hiring managers and recruiters.

3. A strong, clearly written CV that is tailored to each application. Do NOT presume the reader knows your job role like you do.

4. A covering letter or email outlining your interest, your enthusiasm and one that is specific to the role.

5. A prepared interview mindset. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

6. A post-interview “thank you” note to the hiring manager or your recruiter.

7. The determination to demonstrate how much you love what you do.


If you would like to discuss your job search or require support in identifying your next team member then please get in touch with the team.