How to prepare for a video interview

We’re now operating in unknown times. Here at H2 we are huge believers in remaining positive. Stay active, be productive and help others where you can. With empathy and support. With a plan and focus – together we can get through this. We are here to support, guide and ultimately help you to find your next great opportunity.

When this post was first published we hadn’t seen a change in how interviews were being held, however the situation around us has since changed. We all find ourselves at home and navigating home working, home schooling, job searching and more. If you are ‘video interviewing’ this week and unsure of how to prepare then these #toptips might help you…


  1. Test the audio and camera 30 minutes before
  2. Dress professionally as you are still interviewing
  3. Position your laptop to avoid staring down
  4. Consider where you are sitting – noise, background, lighting and internet connection – try different rooms
  5. Close all other applications to prevent pop ups and distractions
  6. Request the phone number of the interviewer in the event the connection is lost
  7. Look into the camera not the screen – feels strange but this way you will be looking at your interviewer
  8. Have a glass of water, a pen and paper with you – to help with prompts position post it notes around the screen so you don’t have to keep looking down
  9. Close the door to the room you are in and leave a note on the door reminding family you are in a meeting
  10. And lastly, clean the lens on your camera to ensure a clear picture


And of course all other rules apply for preparing for an interview – which you can find here.