How to handle multiple job offers

How to handle multiple job offers

Who doesn’t want to have multiple job offers?

It is a great position to be in. However for anyone in this position it can be overwhelming. Knowing how to manage the process, how to keep one company at arms length whilst talking to another. Alternatively deciding whether to tell all parties involved about each other. All valid questions and ones we would encourage you to explore before making a decision.

In recent weeks we have seen an increasing number of candidates receiving more than one job offer. Which is fantastic. For them and for the market. The difficulty is managing the process. It shows a growing level of confidence at what can only be described as a confusing time for the Country.

In short our advice to you would be to:


Always Consider Your Options


First and foremost consider your options. Do not accept the first offer. If you are working with a recruiter we would recommend that you be upfront and honest. It’s good to talk. Hopefully you have a good relationship with your recruiter, involve them in your thought process, share this information with them. They may be able to guide you, offer impartial advice, ultimately supporting you in the decision making process. Any recruitment consultant who is passionate about supporting you in your job search should ultimately want you to secure the best role for you. Whether that benefits them and their client or not.


Here are 6 tips for managing multiple job offers


  1. Be upfront and honest about the recruitment processes you are going through
  2. Have all job offers in writing, sounds simple but you will be surprised how many businesses don’t move quickly enough to present the offer
  3. Consider the salary and benefits – however don’t let this be the deciding factor
  4. Think long term – what are the prospects? What are the growth plans for the business, the security of the market the business is focused on
  5. Consider the working environment, the company culture, flexible working and definitely ask to meet the team – even virtually
  6. Stand by your decision, don’t go back and forth. Say thank you, be polite, you never know when your paths may cross in the future


If you would like to know how the team at H2 can support you then say hello to one of the team today. We would be delighted to support you.