First day in a New Job?

First day in a New Job?

Starting a new job can be one of the most stressful experiences for many. Second to moving house some would say. If you are worrying about how the first few days and weeks will go then this blog post is for you.

Recently the Team at H2 have been guiding a number of candidates through the on boarding process in August. Individuals who have been made redundant or are making a move after a long period working for one business. We appreciate that it isn’t always as simple as showing up on your first day and everything going to plan. So we thought we’d share some tips with you that will help to ease those first day nerves.

One of the biggest fears we have come across is how to make the right first impression. How to make friends? What will day 1 look like. Or what shall I wear and whether or not there will be an induction or a buddy system to help you settle in.

Here are 6 tips for creating a good first impression in the First Week, Month and so on. We’ve broken them down into two manageable sections for you:


Before you start your new job…

  1. Re read your job offer – highlight your starting time or any information you need to take with you. If there is anything missing this is your time to ask.
  2. Check in with your hiring manager or your point of contact for a quick update. Has there been any changes to the business?
  3. Connect to your colleagues on LinkedIn. Follow the business’ social channels – this will help you to understand what is happening in the business now.


Your first day and week…

  1. Smile – you’ll find someone will always smile back – this is your chance to strike up a conversation. I’m new here, what do you do? 
  2. Take notes – there will be lots to learn, don’t forget to take a note pad and pen.
  3. Offer to make a tea/coffee round – it’s a great way to get to know people.


We hope these tips help you to settle in to your new job with ease. And if you are looking for a new position and need a recruiter that takes a Human Approach to your job search then get in touch. How Can We Help You? Whether you are looking for support around your next career move or to discuss a recruitment project say hello. The Team at H2 are here to guide you. Drop us an email, give us a bell or say hi over on social and let’s get the ball rolling. Let us introduce you to the #H2Way.