Don’t be put off by the numbers…

You don’t have to be the first applicant, you just have to be the right applicant. As a jobseeker do you find it off putting seeing the number of applications already received for a role? I’m here to say you that if you answered ‘YES’ then to stop worrying and to continue and hit apply!

For years I have managed applications inboxes across various roles and industries and for most roles only a fraction of applications are actually suitable for the opportunity.


If H2 Consultancy received 50 applications for an Engineering role based in Stoke-on-Trent I can guarantee that..


  • Eleven have not worked previously in an similar role
  • 7 don’t have the necessary qualifications or education requirements
  • One lives in Yorkshire
  • One lives in Essex
  • Two don’t even live in the country
  • One is looking for part time work only
  • One is unable to work weekends as required
  • Six are unwilling to accept the salary
  • One forgot to add their contact details
  • Five won’t pick up our calls or reply to emails
  • One received a job offer this morning
  •  Two are actually better suited to an alternative job opportunity
  • One has attached their car insurance documents instead of their CV
  • And three decided that they weren’t actually interested in the opportunity after a short conversation


You get the jist!  These are all examples that drop into application inboxes everyday. Please bare this in mind the next time you think to yourself I won’t bother applying for this role.


Just like the National Lottery states you have to be in it to win it and this also applies to job applications!