5 Top tips for negotiating a pay rise

Money makes the world go round right?   And we all know the term by ‘failing to prepare you are preparing to fail’ – so if you are looking to negotiate a pay rise in your current role, you need to prepare and go with a plan.   Right now people are focused on money […]

8 tips for how to help someone with their job search

Sometimes your job search can feel quite lonely as you may be unsure where to turn and unfortunately there is no perfect ‘how to’ guide out there.   However, there are lots of reference documents out there for support, especially here on the H2 Consultancy blog, but it’s hard to know what advice you should […]

5 Ways To Work Well From Home

With the announcement that lockdown will continue for another three weeks thousands of people find themselves working from home for the foreseeable. Remote and flexible working has become the new norm. We’ve been advocating for this for years as part of our guidance to businesses when attracting the right talent – so it has been […]