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8 tips for how to help someone with their job search

Sometimes your job search can feel quite lonely as you may be unsure where to turn and unfortunately there is no perfect ‘how to’ guide out there.   However, there are lots of reference documents out there for support, especially here on the H2 Consultancy blog, but it’s hard to know what advice you should […]

Don’t be put off by the numbers…

You don’t have to be the first applicant, you just have to be the right applicant. As a jobseeker do you find it off putting seeing the number of applications already received for a role? I’m here to say you that if you answered ‘YES’ then to stop worrying and to continue and hit apply! For years […]

My years of recruitment experience paid off

At the beginning of 2020 little did I realise that the support I offer daily to jobseekers would be needed much closer to home.   As we all found ourselves faced with a national lockdown and new words such as social distancing and furlough came into our lives I found myself busier than ever with […]