8 tips for how to help someone with their job search

Sometimes your job search can feel quite lonely as you may be unsure where to turn and unfortunately there is no perfect ‘how to’ guide out there.


However, there are lots of reference documents out there for support, especially here on the H2 Consultancy blog, but it’s hard to know what advice you should and shouldn’t listen to.


8 tips for how to help someone with their job search – whether your friend, colleague or loved one…


?? Listen – Listen, let them vent, let them chat and let them run ideas by you about their job search.


?? Proof read – Offer to proof read their CV or application details. Double check their spelling, grammar and formatting. Read their CV as if you were the hiring manager – Does it showcase their skills and experience as well as it could?


?? Practice – Create a mock interview and ask them to chat through their skills and ask various interview questions. If they are completing a video interview then practice logging into the video call provider with them a few times. This will normalise the process for them and relieve some of the stress on the day of the interview.


?? Outfit planning – Help them decide what to wear prior to the interview so they feel confident and ready to go on the day. I would always suggest smart workwear for a interview unless you have been guided otherwise. Perhaps offer them your favourite blazer for the occasion or your lucky necklace?


?? Offer them a lift – If they are meeting face to face offer them a lift to remove the worry of parking or finding the location for the first time. Always give yourself more time than you think you will need for the journey. It’s better to arrive early and sit in the car for a while than running through the door feeling stressed with a minute to go.


?? Let them debrief – When they come out of an interview offer for them to call you and chat through through the interview, talk through how it went and how they feel about the opportunity.


?? Networking – Support them with networking. Do you have a friend or family member in a business they would be perfect for? Or can you recommend a recruiter who has previously supported you?


?? Build them up – Inevitably there will be a point in their job search where they feel low and the are struggling. Remind them how far they have come, remind them of all the qualities and experience they have to offer a business and remind them that you are always there for support!



It’s hard navigating your job search from creating a CV to interviewing and even navigating job offers and contracts. The team at H2 Consultancy are always here to offer advice and support no matter what the question. With over 25 years experience between us across various sectors we would love to offer support and guidance and help you to secure that perfect opportunity.


Now go get that Job! And tell us all about it in the comments.