5 Ways To Work Well From Home

With the announcement that lockdown will continue for another three weeks thousands of people find themselves working from home for the foreseeable. Remote and flexible working has become the new norm. We’ve been advocating for this for years as part of our guidance to businesses when attracting the right talent – so it has been exciting to watch previously reluctant employers embrace it and understand that it can work for their business.

It’s important to remember that everyone has different priorities, different challenges. Right now when it matters most it is important to remember that we are in this together.


5 Ways To Work Well From Home


1. Get dressed

For some the prospect of falling out of bed and into your home office whilst sat in your pj’s sounds attractive. We would recommend washing and getting dressed, it will not only improve your state of mind, it will psychologically prepare you to start work. What you wear is down to you, some find dressing formally helps especially when you will be regularly holding video meetings.


2. Have a dedicated work space

For many of us we enjoy leaving the house to go to an office – whether that’s because we enjoy being around people, it’s what works best for the business or it’s just part of a routine. Finding a space at home that allows you to be comfortable, take phone calls and video meetings in privacy is key. If you are working at home as a family try to find a space for you all to prevent working on top of each other.


3. Tidy away your work station at the end of the day

This is a great way to help you distinguish between your working hours and non working hours. We have to put things into perspective. If you leave the office you walk away from your desk and for the most part your tasks. Try to keep that mentality when working from home. The distinction between your working day and family time is incredibly important right now.


4. Write a daily to do list

A simple one but when everything changes it’s important to keep certain behaviours the same. This simple task will help with your organisation. As a business we use a tool called Trello, it is an online task manager. We find it really helps to stay on track and focused on the daily, weekly and monthly tasks.


5. Keep in touch with colleagues

Most businesses have gone from seeing each other every day to not knowing when they will next meet. It’s important to stay in touch. Whether in a whats-app group chat, daily focus meetings via Zoom or daily catch up calls. It helps keep us all connected. For some, home working is new, alien like and very difficult. Staying motivated can be tough if you’re not used to the isolation. Interaction is good. And whilst we don’t know how long this will last we have seen some really interesting concepts for larger teams including keep fit sessions, lunch time quizzes and beer Friday’s.


How are you finding working from home?


If you would like to Say Hello to the H2 team and learn how we can support you through this period get in touch today. Whether it’s CV guidance, how to prepare for a video interview, recruitment of key roles in to your organisation let’s arrange a virtual coffee meeting.