5 Top tips on how to use LinkedIn as a job seeker

5 Top tips on how to use LinkedIn as a job seeker


When speaking to our candidates we often discuss LinkedIn as a platform for job seeking, it’s a great place to start if you are searching for a new position.


Some individuals have set up profiles 10 years ago never using them, others are active but don’t quite understand how LinkedIn can benefit them when searching for a new position.


You can add your CV to your LinkedIn profile, you can search for jobs on LinkedIn, you can connect with hiring managers/HR/Recruitment professionals and your peers. The list is endless.


Here are 5 top tips for creating a LinkedIn page


1. Add a photo, as embarrassing as this might be get someone to take a headshot for you, not one in the pool on holiday or in a bar or at a wedding. Keep it professional.


2. Ensure your contact details are on your profile, make it easy for hiring managers or recruiters to reach you, this starts with having your details up to date.


3. Ask for recommendations, it could be a previous MD you have worked with or even a customer you have helped, you’ll be surprised how much attention they bring to your profile & yes people do still read them!


4. There’s an option to allow hiring managers & recruiters searching for new talent to see that you are available, it’s a banner called ‘open to work’ it is an instant eye catcher and it has helped H2 identify candidates who weren’t in our network previously. Simple yet effective.


5. Stay professional, LinkedIn is a networking site. You will be able to search for jobs on there, connect with businesses looking to hire, engage on posts but always keep it professional. This isn’t Facebook. Employers will use LinkedIn as part of their vetting process.


I hope my 5 tips have helped, as always the team at H2 are always here to offer advice & support where possible. Now go set up those LinkedIn pages! We might even see you on there.


You can find the team here: Kerri-Ann Hargreaves  Katie Meakin  and  Jo James