5 Top tips for negotiating a pay rise

Money makes the world go round right?


And we all know the term by ‘failing to prepare you are preparing to fail’ – so if you are looking to negotiate a pay rise in your current role, you need to prepare and go with a plan.


Right now people are focused on money & benefits more than ever so if you believe the time is right for you to ask for a pay rise rather than move on to a new employer, then here are…


5 top tips for negotiating a pay rise


1. Ask at the right time. Employers have a lot to think about. If you are asking for a rise at the wrong time such as after work drinks then you won’t get the outcome you are hoping for. The best time is usually around the time of a performance review.


2. Practice your pitch – Just like you would for an interview, you need to prepare for this. It is a huge thing asking for a pay rise. Practice in front of a mirror or friend. Get ready for any possible objections or queries that might crop up.


3. Do not let things get personal – if your manager rejects your pay rise right now but has agreed to keep a tight review on things then try not to take it personally. It isn’t personal.


4. Facts & Figures- Go into your meeting with facts and figures, have a plan you have pulled together over the last few months and give your reasons as to why.


5. Stay positive and stay strong – committed to the task in hand. Determined to come out of the meeting with the desired outcome.


Its often a tricky time navigating a pay review. We come across this often but the team at H2 Consultancy are always here to offer advice and support no matter what the question or query.