5 tips for accepting or declining a job offer

Accepting a job offer especially in the current climate should be one of the most exciting & satisfying things in the world right? Job searching isn’t easy but accepting an offer should be. If everything is right.


It would seem that so many of you are unsure how to handle a job offer, that you have lots of questions and are scared to ask them or if you decide it isn’t the one for you you don’t know how to decline the offer.


We extend offers out to the most grateful individuals every week & month but something that has popped up recently is the question….how should I accept an offer and what are the next steps?


Here are 5 tips for accepting or declining a job offer…


  1. Always be thankful to the individual extending the offer to you whether it is a Recruiter, HR professional or Hiring Manager. It often takes a lot of time to get to the stage of extending an offer out, lengthy interview processes etc for all parties involved. So when you do get the offer be appreciative.
  2. Keep the lines of communication open. Is something not as you expected? Is it the salary, hours, or even the overall package that has taken you back? Everything should be clear from the start but often sometimes things can change in the process.  I recently engaged with an individual that had ignored and ghosted the hiring manager for almost 3 weeks because he was unsure of the offer- this doesn’t give a great impression.
  3. Consult with your recruiter, or family and friends- talking an offer of employment through with someone is important & something I always suggest, this could be your loved ones or close friends.  If you know you have to consult them because it is a joint decision then try not to accept the offer on the spot AND discuss it throughout the process so as not to waste anyone’s time.
  4. Accept the offer with your new employer, review the paperwork and only then should you hand in your notice. Don’t forget to remain professional with your current employer if you are currently working, never burn your bridges with anyone regardless if you are leaving.
  5. It’s OK to say no. If you have been counter offered really consider the reasons why you started to look elsewhere first. If something isn’t right and you have discussed all the options or your worries then politely decline but remain professional as you never know when your paths might cross again.


Congratulations, now you can celebrate accepting your offer and look forward to the future with the new business!


Remember a good recruiter or hiring manager will always be there regardless.


If you are struggling in your job search then do say hello – we would love to guide you through your job search.