5 things to consider when returning to the office

12 Months on from the Pandemic, many of us have worked from home for a whole year now!  There was us thinking it would be for a few weeks.


With the world taking steps to returning to some form of normality, as part of the government road map, I thought it would be good for me to pop on here and talk to you about preparing to return back to the office.

The idea of the workforce going back to ‘normal’ scares people and could seem unrealistic to many but it is important to start to think about the future and consider what the return will look like. Let’s not forget that the return to the office also excites people.


The lockdown has challenged businesses in various ways, it has also opened up the eyes of those in leadership roles to the possibility of remote working, more flexible office spaces and the benefits. For some it has worked and for others it has shown weaknesses.


Here are my top tips for venturing back into the office.



  1. Understand who is returning and when they are returning, have a plan in place. Address any concerns anyone may have on returning full time.
  2. Is it possible for some staff to remain working from home? A hybrid approach is proving to be very popular.
  3. Ensure that you have taken the necessary steps & precautions i.e. covid secure screens, sanitiser etc in place. Masks in communal spaces. Ensure everyone is aware.
  4. Communication is key. Regular and transparent updates to your teams is important as we go through another change in the workplace.
  5. Prioritise employee wellbeing – the lasting effects of the pandemic combined with a shift in working practices will have an impact.


I hope my tips have been helpful. For advice or guidance around your job search or recruitment strategy you can get in touch with the team at H2. We are always happy to help.