10 Top Tips for Jobseekers Navigating a Job Board for the First Time

Most jobseekers will at some point find themselves navigating various job boards and inevitably setting up an account.


For most people they are a fundamental part of the job searching process however what we find is that most people struggle to navigate them or use them to their full potential. So in my latest post I wanted to share my 10 top tips for jobseekers navigating a job board for the first time.


Over the years as both a recruiter and a jobseeker I have explored job boards – such as Indeed, REED, CV Library or Total jobs. There are various job boards out there, some are specific to certain industries and although they each have slightly different layouts and options these tips will apply to all.


10 Top Tips for Jobseekers Navigating a Job Board for the First Time


1. The day you set up your account and add your details on a job board is the most important.  It is imperative that you fill out all details truthfully and complete ALL sections.  Out of date, incorrect or missing information at this stage could mean your applications being overlooked in future.


2. When uploading your CV ensure that this is your most up to date and relevant version.  As and when you gain extra responsibilities in your current job or complete a new qualification add this to your CV.   If you are applying for role where the business requires a certain qualification and you have not updated this on your CV then you may be overlooked.


3. Ensure that once you upload your CV and have completed ALL sections that you always click the option to make your CV visible (unless you are worried about your Boss seeing your CV).  Applying for a job will give you the opportunity for a role in one business, however making your CV visible to recruiters and hiring managers – could open yourself up to be contacted about roles in various businesses.


4. No silly comments please. A job board is not the time to unleash your sense of humour! You risk your CV being overlooked. Below are just a few of the ridiculous comments I have seen recently…

Desired Job Title: Dog

Desired Salary: £100k + (This came from an Administrator on £19k)

Personal Summary: I am completing this because I need a job


5. ALL of the details you complete on a job board will be visible to recruiters, business and hiring managers.  Whether this be attached to your application as it drops into an inbox or when businesses scroll through hundreds of visible CVs sourcing for their most recent opportunity.  Resist the urge to leave sections blank and ensure sure you are not noticed for the wrong reasons.


6. Ensure that your ‘Current Job Title’ and ‘Desired Job Title’ are relevant.  Try not to be too specific, avoid spelling mistakes and comments such as ‘Temporary Work’, ‘Trainee’ or ‘Unemployed’. Individuals using these job boards search on a specific skill or job title. Be relevant.


7. Do not fake your salary.  There is no other way to say it apart from if you lie then this will bite you in the bottom at some point in the future.  If you think it is a good idea to increase your current salary to gain yourself a higher salary job offer then you are wrong. Your P45 says it all.


8. Make sure your job searches are specific.  You can search using job titles, qualifications, key words and always remember to select a location.  For example an ‘Accountant’ search in ‘Newcastle-under-Lyme’ could be too generic.  Try using the search filters such as ‘Salary’ or ‘Most Recent’ or select an alternative job title for your search such as ‘Cost Accountant’ or ‘Management Accountant’.  Experiment with your searches as they will be hit and miss.  Explore different wordings of job titles and key words that may be used within individual job descriptions.


9. Set up job alerts.  Once you find a search criteria that works then hit the ‘Save My Search’ option.  This saves you narrowing down criteria each time.  Once you save a search you will then have the option for daily, weekly or monthly alerts that will drop into your inbox.  What’s better than your perfect job opportunity landing in your inbox on a rainy Tuesday morning and bypassing hours of endless job board scrolling?


10. Do not press quick apply! Read each job description thoroughly and think to yourself does my CV show that I can do this job?  If the answer is no then update your CV or add a cover letter to your application to explain further why you are the right person for this opportunity.  If you hit quick apply then you will bypass this option. Don’t leave things to chance, put your strongest CV forward.




You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  Get your details correct and up to date on job boards and ensure that you always present the best version of yourself, your job history, background and experience.